Aug 11, 2009

Maybe Today!

Change is not something I embrace easily, give me a few weeks and then I'm fine and go for it. So with all the changes going on around here at the moment (the new room, ebay stores and a web site in development) I can't say I'm at my most relaxed. Procrastination has become my best friend, I've read lots and lots of blogs, saved many great books to my Wishlist on Amazon, done the housework!! including a full bathroom clean, changed furniture around, read magazines (back issues of Dumbo Feather), and watched lots of movies: Baby Mama, (which I thought was hilarious in parts especially Steve Martin. Now I love to reward BossyGirl with a minute of 'uninterrupted eye contact'. Last night I watched The Pans Labrynth fabulous but truly terrifying in parts and with a sociopathic character not unlike the guy from No Country for Old Men from the Coen brother's (caught up on all their stuff too). I simply must stop this waiting and get back to business. Today might be the day.

1 comment:

  1. Welcome to the Procrastinators Club! Will have to get someone to make us all up a badge for our blogs. :)