Sep 5, 2009

I'm Ok You're Ok

Well I've been feeling a little low of late I guess it's the comedown after all the up of the new room and I've been spending Way too much time reading about other people's lives and have been left feeling inadequate and boring. Yesterday I wasted a whole day being down and then snappy at people. I hated myself. I didn't meet the handsome cowboy, or cover the old cabinet in old mags that looks amazing, I don't have 4 kids who I home school and in my off times work as a freelance journalist, bake pies and casseroles for the family while crafting goodies for my Etsy store at night (made that one up but it's not too far from the truth). I just survived that's what I did, that's what I felt....Yesterday.

Today, with new resolve I turned up the music and got active.

Funnily the thing that  got me out of the gloom was wrapping presents for my bestie Marg and her kids, long overdue pressies for the kids but the parcel will arrive just in time for Marg's birthday.  That gave me a really good feeling!!!

I've moved on and kept going and in fact I snapped out of that self pity when I also remembered that I have also not just survived a terrible plane accident nor have I just had major back surgery. In fact I'm doing very well and I know I'm very very lucky!
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  1. hey you, didnt know you had a blog! Nice to "meet" you! too funny about you reading blogs and feeling like crap, by that I mean it does the same thing to me!! In fact lately I havent been doing much blogging at all due to that very reason lol. Back again now though, think the spring weather is perking me up!