Sep 5, 2009

It never ends.

I've got a few little things on the go, this one is my most exciting - for me (and yes I don't get out enough). It's a roll of really old, possibly Victorian wallpaper (dunno was it invented then?) I've recently found again in the move. It's been water damaged but I have kept it hoping that the centre is ok, it's probably in vain but I can't let go of it. Instead I'm cutting off the layers and peeling off strips and pieces, it's beautiful wallpaper. The pile of torn pieces is giving me ideas, maybe I can be the person who covers a piece of furniture and makes it beautiful! This is what the wallpaper is telling me. So away I go to keep peeling and I'll let you know what the centre is like. Postscript: peeled and peeled, now I have a nice pile of torn wallpaper, it's lovely stuff, if you love paper which I do. I'm about half way through and yes it's starting to come away in bigger pieces. The shreds may look nice as collage on a set of old pigeon holes I have or they may look like camouflage, will have to try it out and see.

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  1. ooh i'm such a vintage wallpaper fan its fab v.jealous

  2. Thanks! Funny how an old roll of stuck together wallpaper can keep one entertained half the day!