Oct 23, 2009

Picnic rug envy.

A few months back I went on a picnic with Bossy Girl and a friend, packed a yummy lunch into my picnic basket and off we went. From the back of the car I grabbed the plastic-backed tartan picnic blanket that came from somewhere like K-Mart, I was happy. That was until I spied an mother earth type woman arrive and pull from her picnic basket the most divine, shabby, vintage fabric patchwork pinnic rug, it was just the sweetest thing!! And I thought.... ' what am I doing?'...why don't I - the queen of fabric - have a fabric picnic rug like that one??  It was just a simple eye opener - again - to the ways we can use and love vintage/new fabrics every day. 

Well, this week I received in the mail two little bundles of pre cut squares of NEW fabrics. They are already cut to the perfect size so what better to do than put together a picnic rug so that I can feel a little chic too.

I won this fabric from the Fat Quarter Shop a while back and finally got around to making my purchase. This is my very first patchwork adventure, it was ok. I'm not going to rush out and go mad patchworking everything but I'm happy I had a go. Yes it is rough, but I've explained before I am not a perfectionist.


I did a bit of fancy seam treatment.

The sewing machine hasn't seen this much action since I bought it.


  1. Ooooh nice! No more tartan for you then! You'll be able to fluff it out with no shame!

    I must get on to this too actually ...

  2. Yes Mel, summer is coming and it's picnic time!

  3. This is gorgeous. Now you can be the earthy type with her own well used rug. Cherrie