Oct 10, 2009

A stitch in time.

I got my sewing machine out today! Ok don't faint, yep I know I talk a lot about what I'm going to do but there has been of late very little action! Not today. I pile of repairs some as old as a year - Done! two skirts, one a remake of a very expensive skirt I 'just had to have' size 8 but I could just squeeze into it. Unfortunately it looked like a size 8 on a size 12 body. So I decided to cut the top off and finish with elastic. It was scary cutting the skirt I have to say - this was no ordinary skirt, I think the original price was somewhere in the $300 range - sale price about $60.  But I held my breath and went on ahead. Happy to report that it worked and I now have a nice little knee length summer skirt that I'll get some wear out of.

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