Dec 29, 2009

Kitchen Table Screen Printing Easy Peasy!

This afternoon I tried a kitchen-table screen print using an old photo frame, vintage nylon curtain material, a credit card, acrylic paint, gel medium.

I enjoyed the simpleness of this method.

The results, not perfection but I can see it's going to work.

Acrylic paint, masking tape, clear gel medium.

Credit Card squeegee.

Bossy Girl drew me a bird.

Remember to mark where the paper goes (I didn't worry about this bit) but if you want them all the same - and that really is the point, you'll need this step.

The paper stencil a piece of A4 copy paper.There will be 4-5 of these, one for each colour.

And the screen goes straight into water when done for a scrub.

I'm so glad I had a go finally, it's not as messy as I thought it might be and it really didn't take up much room or time.

Have a go you might be surprised!

If you have any questions do ask.
I spent a full year doing paper stencil screen printing in my last year of art school, though no expert I might be able to help. 
Happy Printing!!

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  1. I have wanted to try this for so long, I've even got all the stuff, so I shall follow your progress and maybe have a go.