Feb 6, 2010

Chook (Chicken & Rooster) Fabric Day!

Our two old chooks arrived today horray! I love chooks! They are happily clucking around under my window, eating cockroaches, wandering jew, food scraps and more.


 We've named them Chocolate Brownie and Vanilla Ice Cream (Chocki and & Val).

Not only will they be pets, provide possibly 2 eggs a day and help in the garden with weed control and insects.
They will be just so damn cute and homely!

I searched through my fabrics to find a few chicken fabrics to celebrate.
Here's one from my stash, I think it was by Alexander Henry and I can't for the life of me understand why they discontinued it.


And then this one I have for sale on Ebay, it's a beauty. Border print from the 50s or earlier. 


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