Feb 23, 2010

Fashion Design: Velvet/Velveteen: Samples

It was full on at school this week, two days felt like a week of information we had to take in. We made sample after sample. There are lots of samples.  


We sewed industry standard seams, and perfect seam junctions. Of course it took us all 30 minutes to re acquaint ourselves with these machines and get them fully loaded with threads, I had at least one false start when I had not threaded up correctly.

There was more fabric identification and I learnt  something that's always puzzled me, what's the difference between velvet and velveteen. Want to know? ok, Velvet is made from looping and clipping the warp threads (those that run the length of the fabric and parallel to the selvedge). Velveteen is made from looping and clipping the weft threads. Isn't that simple!! You have to feel the fabric to tell and you would need the selvedge to know for sure.


We made our first real product, using a Sequence of operation. It's a cute pin cushion that holds a set of little threads. We cut out a 'singlet bag' ready for next week. 

We did some weaving (I did satin weave and Twill)
And we screen printed a fish onto fabric!
It was no where near as hot as last week but I'm still exhausted,  I'm flat out at the moment with packing and sending fabric orders, homework - glueing all those samples in, tinkering with the website and all the usual home stuff.

I really love being just the right amount of busy though, don't you?


  1. jeepers I've learn a bit from just reading this post. Sounds like a fascinating course!

  2. Hi Alicia, yes, it's pretty interesting especially if you love fabric, sewing, fashion! cheers elizabeth