Mar 3, 2010

Week 3 Fashion Design & Technology

Week three at TAFE went smoothly, I got there on time both days but only just. Dropping Bossy Girl at the school gate for the first time in three years feels very strange but she loves it. She's over attachment parenting!

In class we made a patch pocket sample, with a flap, never done one of those before. In fact I've been too scared to try. Guess what? It was really easy. I can see now why clipping seams and corners, folding and ironing are so important. 
Look at that straight stitching.
This attention to detail plus sewing in a straight line are the two areas where I've not been up to scratch. Being made to do it is really what I need. I'm sewing quite straight now, easily and happily.

We sewed a pocket on our 'singlet' bags and finished them off.  Our seam junctions had to be perfect with a single millimeter allowance - pretty scary stuff but we all did ok.
Don't blame me for the fabric choice!

In screen printing we printed a one colour print on fabric. I was the only person who forgot to stick the stencil onto the screen - whoops! I managed to rescue the stencil but ended up with two different prints. So much for being the most experienced printer there. Next week it's two colours, I'll have to concentrate.
I like it on the printed fabric.

Did I mention more fabric identification samples! Then we discussed the pin cushion, from last week,to see if we could make it any better or quicker.

It's time this week for presenting the first set of samples in our folder all neat and tidy. I've only just finished my sample folder and done some  sorting so I'm not taking a load of unnecessary stuff. 

You might have guessed that ORGANIZATION is my weak point!!   I have to work hard to maintain order. How about you? What's your work Achilles' Heel?

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