Feb 13, 2010

Week 1. Fashion Design & Technology CIII

Well this week I spent two full very hot days at school. It was tiring but really great. We learned to thread and sew on an industrial sewing machine - what fun. I felt like I was driving a powerful racing car. We sewed an 'endless band' -  a long strip of calico, joined and sewn round and round, starting and stopping, automatic back-tacking, lifting the needle and starting again until the bobbin ran out of thread. 

I loved it so much I wondered if I should have been a machinist.

An hour of Fabric Identification class taught me so much. I feel like I need to go and fix up a few listings, one fabric in particular which I would have called a polyester crepe was in fact a 'polyester Georgette high twist yarn plain weave'!!!  Who would have thought.

This weekend it's more vintage fabric listings and organising school folders.

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