Mar 4, 2010

Piping! Don't put it off.

Well today started off fine! Got to school on time, lunches packed the night before a hot thermos of coffee, childminding sorted, all good. In sewing class we tackled piping and man was it a cinch! Yet another thing that I'd put off doing out of fear and lack of sewing confidence.  

It really was easy, we made our own bias strip, joined it and covered a bit of cord. You should give it a go, don't put it off like I did.

I came home to an invasion! 
They are everywhere, I am currently totally circled by them, they come in one end of the room, up the wall, across all the shelves with fabric, down a rung across the floor over to my desk, up the desk and are all around me on the key board, under the mouse and occasionally on my fingers.There are more wandering aimlessly around the floor

Thank goodness I had some Ant-Rid, Sorry ants but I've had enough!


  1. I do actually have a piping foot on my machine, think I will give it a go as you have got my interest! Hope the ant problem clears up quick smart.

  2. Thanks Alicia, for stopping by again. Yes the ants are gone but for how long! Try the piping, i'll pop over to your blog and give you the tip i forgot to put here.