Mar 26, 2010

Show and Tell
New Fabric

We only did one day at Tafe this week. It's  Show Holiday here today, I'm not going. Bossy Girl and her dad have a date. I don't mind how it turns out.....but....I have given him all the warnings about show bags and side show alley and her addiction to collecting stuff ( I have no idea where she gets that???).
I'm sure they will have a ball.

Now what did I do at school this week. 
Ok we did some OH&S theory, 
Then we collected pre cut fabric pieces to make up a pair of child's shorts with two inseam side pockets and a back pocket, elastic waist.We then collected pre cut pieces of fabric to do a trial run on the Side pocket.

Boy what a labour intensive process. Understitching, clipping, turning, overlocking and so on.   

 The casing was top stitched before we put the elastic in, then you join the elastic and using a zipper foot pressed up to the edge of the elastic you sew the bottom of the casing, yes it's tricky.

Then we continued on with our two colour screen print and I had serious trouble lining mine up, we are relying on guess work, no registration marks.  

I think I can rescue it with some stencil work.
Since stencils are a requirement I might as well
use them now. 


I photographed this fabric last night and I plan to get these into the store today/tomorrow. Though my bum is already sore I've been sitting here browsing the web for 2 hours now! 
I'm still working on finding some where to go for a short break. 
Any suggestions?
Any Recommendations?
Anyone been to Kiama?


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