Mar 27, 2010

My collection: Part 1: Vintage Chairs

I love chairs, can't help rescuing them from all sorts of places. I have way too many and currently my lounge room looks like it's waiting for a therapy group to arrive. 
All but one get used on a regular basis.

I've got 4 of these the came with the table.
I got this one for $20 and had it recovered in vintage linen.I remember getting it home from the op shop at Kurri Kurri in the back of my hatchback. Bossy Girl was with me and I had to put her in the front seat, she was still in a baby seat, I feel bad about it now.

This one was $4 and is perfect for this dressing table.
And this, I've got 2 of these they came with a miniature dresser and chest of drawers and doll wardrobe. Bought from a garage sale when Bossy Girl was a baby for $20.

I picked this up off the street last month, how perfect is it!

This one belonged to my grandparents, I painted and re covered the seat during my Shabby Chic phase.
This cutie came with the dressing table ($30 from SVDP last month) and I use it in my studio as a sewing stool/step ladder.
$5 from Cessnock Father Rielly's, makes a nice bedroom chair and is usually covered in clothes.
This one is fantastic, it was $20 and came from a man who used to be a chair salesperson. He had a garage full of similar ones, I really wished I had more room I would have taken them all.
I also got this one there for another $20. The daughter said the garage was used for family slide nights but the chairs had to have plastic over them, hence they are still in perfect barley used condition.
This one came free with a big lot of fabric I bought. I'll never forget that one, there was literally a whole room of fabric, it was magical!

This one is in the spare room and I've tried to get rid of it a few times but I just can't, it's not comfortable but I just love it.

Ever looked around you and realised you have a collection 
and you didn't know it??


  1. I'm a bit of a chair collector too... there are some on the porch, the garage etc. They're the ones that don't fit into the house as every space is taken up. I'm loving the club lounge recovered in vintage line. Orange is a fave! ♥

  2. oops lost my last comment cause of letter fill in box and closed it by mistake. Anyway ~ was saying that I think your group therapy comment on the chairs was very funny so am going to use that one at home cause I have mega chairs too lol!

  3. Thanks you two, so glad I'm not alone in this. What is it about chairs?