Mar 10, 2010

This is what I know about Bananas

I have always wanted a banana tree, since I was little. About three year's ago, just before the Newcastle Floods, I planted a banana tree. I remember the tag on it saying something about maybe the bananas would be edible maybe not, so I was not expecting too much. 

Last week I cut down the largest bunch of bananas I've ever seen and this week I tasted the most divine banana ever! The flavour is amazing, sweet, tropical and most important seriously BANANA TASTING.

As I watch the next bunch form I'm remembering how to do it so I thought I'd share.

This is what I've found out about bananas. Each tree will have only one 'baby' and that is the bunch of bananas. After than she will produce a new shoot that turns into a tree. Cut down the original tree after the bananas come or you will end up with barren trees and too many as well.

When the banana bunch forms, cut off the large purple pod at the end and the tiny little 'male' bananas. Cutting off the pod enables the bananas to grow large. 

I left my bunch on the tree for about 2 months, you can do that because they will not ripen until you take them off the tree. Wait till they are nice and large. 

Watch out, they are very heavy, you might need two people. I dropped mine and lost about 10 bananas.

Next you need to put the whole thing into a bag I think paper might be best, but I used plastic, and then put it somewhere cool and dark and away from vermin. If you use plastic be careful about the moisture and mould forming.

In a few days you will have delicious ripe bananas, yum. You will have too many, I took bags full to the neighbours, teacher and friends. Next bunch Bossy Girl wants to try and sell and today I'm making banana bread, muffins and chopping the rest up for freezing. 

Do you have a tip about grown bananas??


  1. yummo, wish I could grow them up here but too cold :0( Best narnas I have had for ages were from Coffs Harbour this summer. Could not believe the difference in taste from the supermarket ones!

  2. Alicia, that's where I last tasted good ones too! Well these taste just like them. I really wish I had some ice cream and caramel sauce.cheers