Apr 14, 2010

School Holiday Op Shopping Haul

Well the hoards were out today in the op shops, all the holiday crowd! I don't like holiday crowds, unless I'm one of them. Like locusts they are. 

I haven't been out op shopping for so long I think it's been a good six months since I went out for full day of the shops. I don't know how I've lasted as it's one thing I can never get enough of, except for the nine months I was pregnant, could not stand the smell!! I saved so much money!

Anyway I decided this week to hit some old faves. Not much in the way of anything to sell or collect but I did find some cute clothes and shoes, to stuff into that wardrobe!!  

But hey whatever turns you on, is that what the saying is?? and op shopping is my thing.

This is what I found: 

cute gingham Gidget pants, $5, just the right length, cut and kick out at the calves, work perfectly with the pointy toe flats in faux cheater fur $4,(and a both a perfect fit). 

A stunning Veronica Maine dress, hardly worn, in fact I would say never or once worn, lovely details and pockets in the front. (looks better on). $6

This adorable chic-kitsch bedside cupboard. $15

This amazing ethnic inspired 1970s blouse with the biggest puffiest sleeves ever, can't wait to wear that. $5

A red Kitchenaid Fry pan for $4 to wreck in the dishwasher like my others.
Cute Japanese pom pom animal kit for Bossy Girl. $2

Real serious chocolate Easter egg mould, looks like it's a professional one, might get used to mix paint in - maybe. $2

Nice quality chain with plastic stars, the start of my planned 'gumball trinket' bracelet. $3

and last but not least my friend who owns the absolute best second hand shop ever gave me these to make necklaces out of as long as I make her an elephant one.

Fabulous old school opaque plastic beads in an old school chalk box. Do you know how hard it is to find opaque plastic beads in these colours!! it's almost impossible. (though if you can prove me wrong do send me a note and a link to the source). 

There that's the round up, not a bad little haul, I'm happy, relaxed and didn't spend too much money. 
Now back to work!
What's your best find this week??


  1. Love those shoes!! I did a post on my favourite find this week too. I had a day of oppying today and had a great old time finding stuff. The oppies seem to be improving lately I reckon.

  2. Nice haul! Love the shoes... shoe fanatic (as well as chairs and fabric and buttons and patterns and...) Oh stop! Monique xx

  3. Thanks you two, I'm hopping over to your place Alicia to check out your gorgeous stuff. And yes Monique the shoes are great, leather and real fur. What are the op shops like in your town?

  4. Love them e. I mostly scour for vintage fabrics and vintage patterns tho. Occasionally, I'll come home with something else. Like the other day I scored an unused pair of vintage 60's flat shoes... in white! Love them. I went to an Opp shop on the weekend and scored 6 vintage Vogue patterns... 50c each. Gotta love the oppies!

  5. The chic-kitsch bedside cupboard looks very interesting, and the price seems ok. Would you mind send me more of your products?.

  6. Sorry Pet dog collars , this is not for sale, yet! I always say though that it's just a matter of time. you can find links to my stores at the top of my blog. thanks for stopping by. cheers