Jul 10, 2010

Goal for the weekend.

I've set myself a goal for the weekend and that is to get through my pile of vintage 1950s curtain materials. This lot of about 60 pieces was old shop stock, it's all photographed and ready to go and has been sitting there for a good two months. I simply must get them onto the shelves and out of the walk way!!  space is at an absolute premium here even with my new room. 
Of course the addition of my over locker and sewing machine has not helped, then there's the pile of sewing to tackle and the plans for cushion production. 
Where is the time! 
I certainly don't have it.
But atleast I have a bit of help this weekend as Bossy's father is in town! and I'm free to knuckle down. 

This is what I've put into the store so far. 
You can find them here.

They are great aren't they!

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