Aug 5, 2010

Oh!! Look what I learnt to make today!

I left Tafe feeling like skipping like a little kid. 

I know all of you wonderful crafty people can make little purses but I couldn't 
... till today 

I'm so HAPPY!! and isn't it just the greatest thing to make, so cute and so effective!

I feel like this whole sewing thing is like Magician's Secrets Revealed!!

Note the little bit of beading, also covered at school today. 
I'm off now to do my homework,
BossyGirl's sick, I knew she should have stayed home that stormy day, so we'll be off watching 
Groundhog Day together, nice and cozy, me stitching her sneezing.


  1. Well done! Love the fabric. ♥ Monique xx

  2. You go girl! I love your excitement with learning something new, I feel excited for you.

  3. Hi there you two, thanks for visiting! you know the feeling when you just want to sew sew sew? well that's me! x e

  4. That's so cute! Great job. :)

  5. That's too cute! Great job. :)