Aug 4, 2010

I never learned to sew at my mother's knee.

I've wanted to learn to sew for a long time,  I think since I was about 12. I had a friend (still do) and she knew how to use a sewing machine, she sewed heart shaped patches on her jeans, and I thought they looked amazing. 

I did recently ask my mother why she never taught me to sew, it seemed strange when I remember her always at the sewing machine. I remember playing around under the sewing table - the same one I have now. I remember the day my little sister got into the baby Aspirin tablets, they used to come in little pink tubes. I remember her munching away on them under that table while mum sewed. Nothing bad happened.

So I asked Mum. Turns out my Mum who sewed everything for us three girls never actually liked sewing, it was something she did because she had to. I loved everything she made me from the matching brown 'slacks' to the funky wool vest I wore with mini skirt and thick stockings to my first 'grown up' teenage party. She was a good sewer, I loved it all and so I was a bit surprised to hear she didn't like sewing.

So she didn't teach me to sew, but you know it's ok she taught me lots of other good stuff. 

I think it's nice to sew because you want to. 
Thats what I'm doing now and it is a good feeling.

I'm breaking with tradition and teaching BossyGirl all I know about embroidery, which was zero until last week. This semester at TAFE one of the subjects is Embellish Garment and I have embroidery homework to do. So BossyGirl and I sat down together to do our homework. Before long she'd put down her pen and taken up the needle, two hours later we stopped for dinner, it was quite amazing, a lovely time together. 

I once saw a traveling exhibition on childrens games and past times and in a glass case was a dolls dress beautifully embroidered white on white. 
The tag told the story of the person who did it and it turned out to be a 9 year old child. 
I really couldn't believe it, the work was beautiful. But after seeing BossyGirl take to the embroidery with such a delicate hand I can see that with the right teacher or with the right level of interest it's possible. 

Here is her effort, I'm not showing mine because hers is neater and sweeter than mine could ever be!


  1. Oh wow! I love the purple flower and the chain links. Well done Bossy Girl!! ♥ Monique xx

  2. good for you teaching bossy girl. My mom never taught me how to sew either. although she did teach my sister. She passed away 14 yrs ago so I can't ask her why, I hope I don't make that mistake with my 3 daughters, teaching one and not the other!

  3. Hey you two lovelies! thanks for dropping by again. BossyGirl is sick today but will be teaching her how to sew on a sequin later when she's better. x e

  4. I never learnt to sew (why didn't I pay more attention at school!!!) - having a longing to learn properly - i currently just fuddle along. I love embroidery too - i get books out form the library and try things but really should buy a book as i hate giving them back and need it for reference for the stitches etc. Your time with BossyGirl sounded lovely :-) Nice bonding time and she will appreciate the skills for years to come :-)

  5. Oh I know what you mean about the library books, I just can't do craft books from the library. I pick a lot of mine up from charity stores. I recently found a fantastic one by Readers Digest and it covers every craft every known to woman!! But it turns out all these crafts are actually as easy as you think they might be. Beading is just simply stitching beads on, (using the correct floss) there are no tricks to that one. Thanks for dropping by. cheers Elizabeth