Dec 2, 2010

iPhoto Unexpectedly Quit

Before I received this message I had spent a happy hour photographing the 300 covered buttons I've just finished making. 

BossyGirl is in Tassie with her father, due home today. Earlier this week she played the grand piano on the stage at the Conservatorium Of Music and I then I waved her off on the plane. 

So it's been a big PHOTO FILLED WEEK!!! if you get my drift.
And now they are all gone.
All gone.

So I will be spending another hour today 
photographing buttons
but that's later because today is 
I must appear before the panel wearing 'the outfit'
then it's out for a drink to celebrate and commiserate.

It will be very strange walking out of that sewing room for the last time.
But who knows maybe it will not be the last time??

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