Dec 2, 2010

Just Call Me Square Eyes!

After my assesment and a drink with the girls I
 re took all the photos and have just listed almost 300 buttons on Ebay all covered in cool vintage fabrics, three sizes. 

The rest I'll take with me to the market when we have our Tafe stall. 
I'm looking at it like it's The Apprentice and we have to make as much as we can in the set time! Yes I do watch too much TV. 
Today after our presentation we went for a drink and it was like on Survivor where we lamented over all the lost ones, those who dropped out along the way for various reasons. 
It was fun to remember them. 

I had really good feedback on my outfit and left feeling very positive. 
I've loved every minute of this course, except perhaps the technical drawing!! oh and the design much work. 

Last two hurdles to go, the market and the fashion parade at the local Town Hall! Hopefully I will get some photos of the outfit then, mean while look at these beauties!!

Man I wish I could upload items as fast to my website as I can to Ebay!!
I found I hadn't lost completely all the photos they are in Quicktime and I am not able to get at them, I can watch but can't copy. If anyone knows how I can get them out and into iphoto without having to purchase the Quicktime Pro upgrade then I would be most grateful!!

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  1. Loving all the buttons! Glad to hear your assessment went well. Was thinking of you. xx