Jan 6, 2011

Hang on a sec while I weed.

After a day of packing fabric yesterday I ran screaming into the backyard and turned into a weed pulling maniac! There is only so much packing fabric orders you can do before you begin to forget how much you love doing what you do. 

So glad I got stuck into it yesterday because today the rain is pouring down, (I've already been drenched on my way to the post office.),

so for the rest of the day I'll be sitting here putting more fabric onto the website and watching those piles of weeds. (they are bigger than they appear here I can assure you)
Now what do I do with them?

If you need a break check out this gorgeous piece of rayon-chiffon I just put on the website. It's to die for!


  1. Weeds? What are they? Everything is covered with snow... can't see a thing. ;) Me xx

  2. Lucky You!! I bet there are no mozzies too.