Jan 1, 2011

Personality Detox

I live in a place that has some of the best beaches in the country. They are accessible, clean and family oriented. I am often heard to say 'why would you go anywhere else in the summer'.

However, there are times when you just must stretch your comfort bubble. Bossy and I did  just that at the Peats Ridge Sustainable Arts and Music Festival held in the Glenworth Valley. 

It was so outside of our comfort zones.
It was a challenge. Camping for the very first time.
 Unprepared for the weather.
Three days in the hot sun, freezing nights, dust and grime. B
ut we survived and thrived as we soaked up new experiences like West African Dancing, Laughter Yoga, Juggling, Hoola Hooping ( i have wanted to do this all my life!), Tribal Belly Dancing, Bush Tucker/Medicine and Life Coaching Bossy did Hoola Hooping, Hula dancing, Juggling, African dancing and was fascinated with Improv theatre and the flea circus.

Back now but I feel like I'm slower, I've let go of 'dinner time' 'bed time' and 'work time', I'm less uptight ...
I feel like I've had a personality detox!!

I hope you feel as relaxed and are ready to start the year with some exciting resolutions.
Happy New Year!

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