Dec 24, 2010


I woke up this morning with a yearning to get in early and review the year. So here goes. 

We kicked off the year looking out this window. Fireworks and good times. I suffered the next day and spent New Year's day in bed while BossyGirl and my Bestie Marg went off to the movies. 

We went overnight to Blackheath and stayed here. I bought a huge fabric collection and we looked up my old friend

Kiama and Woollongong were fantastic in April and just as good again in October. We stayed at the Buddhist Temple Nan Tien first time round and can highly recommend it. We  saw the blow hole and climbed this tower, 
 Bossy nearly didn't make it and half way up I had to talk her through it

 Lucky the weather was still ok for the Jambaroo Action Park and it was so much fun. We took the Grand Pacific Drive home - going the 'wrong' way and were caught in a terrifying electrical storm. I've never been more frightened. Bossy rode shotgun working the fog lights and we felt like Thelma and Louise.

Bossy and I went to Fashion Week in Sydney with my lovely classmates from Tafe and that was a blast, big exhausting day but worth it. 

I sewed and sewed. This skirt was one of my first projects. Market day and a fashion parade ended the Tafe year. 

We went on a Grug Promotional to the Sydney Children's Festival and watched the Grug play, which was totally excellent. 

Bossy also went to Tassie on her first plane. I just found the photos after the computer ate them.

How do those things stay up in the air?
(I survived that one, 'just remember to Breath!'.)

We said goodbye to this beast, it was a bit sad as I'd had that car for about 9 years, so it had grown quite comfortable and like family. 

But...there are no regrets, the novelty of this darling has not worn off. It still has the 'new' smell and I love it. 

We went north in October also. We always stop, remember and be grateful at the 'our girls' memorial at Bulahdelah. I always buy something to leave there for the girls and their grandmother. 

We cruised in my sister's new car. It's red and she won it!! Can you believe it!

We had a go at Chooks, but the neighbours didn't like them and who knew chooks could fly? I also got a surprise when the didn't come when called, strange creatures chooks. We borrowed them from a friend so there was no drama with the change of plan. I want to give them another go but with a proper enclosure built.

BossyGirl grew up before my very eyes. She danced, gym-d, aerobic-d, played the Keyboard and was as bossy as ever. 
Fabulous results at School with academic excellence for the third year in a row.

But she still can be as silly as she should be at 9.

Hey! thats about it. One fast year. 
Thanks for visiting.
You are all really cool for dropping by and I appreciate that. 



  1. What an awesome post E. Love all the pics of bossy girl... she grows throughout the pics. Fab scenery shots.

    Wishing you and bossy girl a fantabulous Christmas and New Year. Will email you.

    Monique xxx

  2. hey Monique, thanks! sometimes you think the year has been not very exciting, then you remember all the fun times and realise it's the company you keep that makes it special. Merry Christmas to you and yours also, you'll be a day behind us now, you get to enjoy it twice in a way.
    x e