Feb 7, 2011

Tomorrow is another day.

One of the worst things about working at the computer all the time is you forget to exercise. Well some of us do and we pay the price. I've got back issues today and it's off to see the Chiropractor. 
Exercise and I have never been friends but I promised myself that this year is the year for including just a little in my daily life - how can resolutions go out the window so quickly? 

Exercise would be one of the last things many people are thinking about now. I do know how lucky I am to have no real disasters in my life and I really should show my appreciation by staying healthy. 

So with that thought tomorrow... another chance to change things.

Before I head off for a manipulation I have these fabrics for you on Ebay. 
Lots of synthetics from an old fabric store.


  1. hope you are feeling the benefit of your Chiro now. I need to see mine soon too.

  2. Lovely but slightly scary getting not only my sore back but also my neck cracked. Feel pretty good today and a follow up on Thursday is required. thanks for checking, I hope you get to yours soon.