Feb 23, 2011

What stole my week?

I feel like I've had a week stolen!
Horrid weather with humidity of between 
50 - 70% is not funny.
And when you're not a hot weather person it's unworkable. 
Then at night electrical storms that meant the computer had to go off. Oh no! Talk about being at a loose end.(yes that's tongue in cheek).

Lastly just as I thought it was all over....It strikes!
The head cold,  there is not usually much that can put me in bed for a few days but this cold was probably one of the worst ever! 
However, I survived! and today I've made almost a full recovery. I put a few new pieces of fabric on the website with lots more coming.

I hope you like them! x e

1 comment:

  1. hope you feel better soon. Nothing worse than a summer cold.
    I love the fabrics, that first one is familiar, Im sure Mum or I made that up in the early 1960s? just looks like something one of us had for sewing... wish I could remember.