Mar 19, 2011

My Next Project - Dress for BossyGirl

I should have had a lovely dress made for Bossy for her upcoming 10th birthday.

But I don't.

However, I am planning one now and she is keen too. 
Here is an image of the dress pattern and the fabric. 
I choose new fabric because it takes so much fabric! 
I bought 4 yards.

(I can't bare to make it with vintage just in case it doesn't turn out ok. Funny how I think.)

 Looks simple enough.

The fabric is this cat one by Tammis Keefe
It's really hard to pinch an image of this fabic, I got this one from Google Images. 
The plan is to find a thin pink and white stripe to put along the bottom of the dress. 
I'll match that colour when the fabric arrives.
And if it all goes well I'll post a photo. 
If it fails, well lets not think about that.

And speaking of dresses for girls, the little dress that I made last year at school,
I entered it in the Regional Show.

Over the years my mother has entered lots of stuff.
 Cakes and lots of Roses, that was when we lived in 'the big house' and had a gardner.
Yes, a real live full time gardener with a huge beautiful flower garden and extensive fruit and vege garden.
Childhood was bliss.

I've always wanted to enter something in The Show.

So I entered my dress, for fun.
Bossy captured a photo of it on display.
Maybe next year I'll have a new one to enter.

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