Apr 3, 2011

The long Car-less day. And a cake.

We've been stranded this weekend. 
(Beware new cars sometimes have electrical faults that are a mystery even to the people who sell you the car!)
So yes we have been car-less.
It's a totally different feeling when it's forced on you that when you choose it.

We had things to get to, I canceled some even though we could have caught a bus and a train and then a train and a bus to get there and back. I canceled.

We did bus it to school Friday then Saturday to Bossy's drama class, two busses actually. 
I then sat at the only place convenient for the duration and had coffee (McD's), was forced to read the paper even though I've sworn off the news!
Then we bussed it back, walked, dawdled, rushed, bussed and arrived home exhausted.
Today stranded at home.

It's not all bad though. 
Bossy is fully rested since she TV'd and DS'd most of the day.
We did make a super delish butter cake. 
I washed, vacuumed, even dusted! 

Then getting into the spirit of not driving I even ordered my groceries on-line for delivery tomorrow! Almost fun. A visit to the park, eating cake and the day is almost over. 
But before I pour that glass of wine I'll show you our cake.
And then I'm going to collapse.
 Bossy's been watching Marie Antoinette 
all weekend,  (it's a favourite now)
and so she had to create a cake for a queen.

Image from Google.
Is it just me or does the day seem very long!

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