Apr 4, 2011

More on the bus stories and Vintage Fabric

On the bus again to school today. 

It suits me to do the bus thing, I can get a walk in without leaving my car at the school. It's a good 1.2km in both directions so if Bossy gets the bus I can meet her there for assembly and walk home. 
So that's how it went today. 
 Bus there walk home and later it will be walk there bus home.

Good things do come out of bad.

Here is some new fabric I just put on the website.

Hope you like!


  1. Oh wow! These really pop. Had to laugh at the spermy looking one :/

  2. Yes you're right, that's what they are!! Funny now I can't see them as anything else.

  3. oh Nikki!!!! that was my favourite until I read your 'comment' LOL
    I think I had curtains of the orange one in 1970