Apr 21, 2011

Semi Gloss?

Today I painted the foyer. 
This wall is the first thing you see 
as you come in the front door. 
I picked a colour from this vintage cushion cover. 

I love the colour but I think 
I've picked a paint that is a bit too glossy. 
What do you think?
I'm sure it will work ok, it now needs something fun on the wall and a little chandelier. 

Minimal junk of course, 
that will be the hardest part round here.

And how it looked before. 


  1. I like it! But then I love colours like that. The barkcloth cushion is fab too!

  2. Thanks Monique. I knew you were a kindred spirit!

  3. Interesting choice of colour, I like it! and I love the chair♥

  4. the chair is so great! I picked that up for $10 a few years back. I see now they sell in the antique stores for $200 so if you ever see one grab it.