Sep 26, 2011

Holiday Shopping!

BossyGirl and I spent the afternoon at a local shopping centre. 
I found the whole experience ugly and soul destroying.
It felt pointless and a waste of time.
But maybe that was because I had nothing I needed to buy?

Bossy didn't feel that way. She had $10 holiday money
and it had to be spent. 
She came home with a new very fluffy Beanie Kid and is happy. 

I did find something at the end, a bottle of Spiritual Sky Oil in
Strawberry scent and one whiff took me way back to my 
14th year. And a particular trip to Paddy's Markets
when I had my bag stolen off the train. In that bag
were all my 'treasures' including my Spiritual Sky. 
I still miss that bag.
In the toy shop there was a sign that read 
'it's never too late to have a happy childhood' 
So I bought a bottle!

And then later today I added these tiny pieces to the store.


  1. I use the Spiritual sky Frankinsence its smells like Musk and I love it I must have a whiff of the Strawberry next time.I think Ill have to start sellling some of my fabrics getting a bit too much lol

  2. oh school hols can be a real joy, (and a pain in the butt to go to shopping centers too).

  3. Thanks, I'm glad I'm not alone in these things! cheers e