Nov 12, 2011

Too Much!!

Well I'm still here, just. I'm seriously suffering with rsi or similar in the right shoulder. I can tell its from moving the mouse, I feel my shoulder hunch up and have to tell myself to let it drop. I feel immediate release of tension. 
So it's a bit stressful when you can't do what you do!
This is what I do. I sit at a computer ...a lot ...moving a mouse about. 
It's a worry. 

I have exercises to do and have to stick notes up on the computer saying 'get up and move' and stuff like that. 

Between bouts of agony I managed to put these 
gorgeous vintage fabrics onto the website! 

I over did it of course and now I'm suffering!! 
Why is it so hard to look after ourselves? 

And then I put into Garage Sale ready for on Ebay.

And now I'm limping off to bed.

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