Jan 22, 2012

I should go away more often! The Future and New Fabrics.

Sales up, Website hits up.
Vacation Notice up.
A guaranteed way to create more sales is to go on holiday.
Why is that??But hey I'm not complaining!! 

We are now back from our little Byron Bay experience.

 It rained and rained and so that means only one thing, a gourmet tour of the region. 
We took a 'rain check' on my sister's birthday present to me, her red Audi convertible and I'm glad as we would have had no chance to use all the features!! So I left the spotty head scarf at home and I'll take up that offer another time.

Byron, Brunswick and Bangalow were all lovely places, a lot has changed but the vibe remains the same. We felt safe and welcomed by all the lovely people. I have to say they have some of the best shop assistants I've ever come across. There is lots of great shops and food all over the place. 

We saw this fab movie: http://sff.org.au/films-container/i%E2%80%99m-not-dead-yet/ and our Chad Morgan loving friends - we now 'get it'. We attended a singing work shop with this guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEKME9i-MsE and came out feeling uplifted!! Lots more food, more shopping....discovered this really cute shop: https://www.facebook.com/fabulousmrsfox.shop and this one too: http://www.lazybones.com.au/
On the last day we renewed our spirits at the Chrystal Castle: http://www.crystalcastle.com.au/ ready for the long trip home.

I feel like I've really had a break proper and I'm ready for the new year ahead with 
lots of plans and energy. 

Gourmet burger at Bangalow BangBurgerBar

Our accommodation was superb!

Soaking it up.

Overall BossyGirl and I have had an amazing holiday period, we've seen lots of old friends and had a couple of trips away. There have been lots of sleepovers for Bossy which means lots of me-time for me. 

Bossy heads off to a new school in a week and I feel that we've celebrated the end of an era for her. 
She has a new and exciting future at a school where the goal is to send kids home excited about what they have learnt, not dumbing them down so they drag their feet and and cry 'I'm so bored'.

I'm off to school again. It's time for certificate IV in Fashion Design and Technology and I'm beside myself with excitement!! I can't wait to share that with you.

But  today it's business as usual, I'm adding more fabric onto the website, I must get more sewing patterns onto ebay if I can and then I have to start packing the huge pile of orders since I've promised they will all be posted on Monday.

I hope your'e feeling as good as we are.
Happy 2012!!

New website fabrics for today:

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