Jan 7, 2012

Você foi removido com sucesso. How to remove yourself from lists without fear.

Have you ever accidentally subscribed or filled in a form that lead to 
hundreds of unsolicited emails from strange web sites in languages you have never seen before!
Well I did. 
I don't know when or where but I get at least three weird emails a day. 
After a while of this, a few hundred,  I decided to be proactive about them, rather than just bouncing them like I was. 

I decided to find out exactly what they were and so copied and pasted them into
And I found out that they were in fact rather innocent albeit annoying. 
they are not someone trying to steal my super secret personal info (yes that is a joke)
but rather just websites selling stuff, lots of stuff I don't need and most of them 
in Portuguese. 

I found that if I hovered my mouse over the words that looked like 'unsubscribe' or similar I can work out what to press to take me to the Unsubscribe page and that's exactly what I do. 
and Viola!! Você foi removido com sucesso.
So don't be afraid, agarrar o touro pelos chifres

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