Feb 16, 2012

I can feel my brain working! and a few New Fabrics

As you might guess my life is pretty full-on at the moment. 
I know we are trying to fit too much into the days
because I'm feeling very stressed.
Two styles of dance, music, drama, film society and a school production
added to me running a business and being at Tafe three days of the week 
and well....I'm not sure I can handle it. 
But so far I am. 

Pattern drafting and Pattern altering is pretty logical
but boy it works your brain! I can feel it.
 And by about 2pm, I'm feeling usually
Brain Dead and so ready for a nap!!

But it will improve the more I get used to it. 
Today we sew and that's usually pretty breezy!

In between all that...
I managed to get a few new fabrics onto the website yesterday
and today. 

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