Feb 12, 2012

The way things work & New trims!

I do have great patience and when in 'the zone' there is no moving me...
but just every now and then I get fidgety which is why I love, love, love
having two selling platforms going at once. 

When satisfied with one I move to the other, switch between both all day or just
devote the whole day to one or the other. Both have their own rewards
and challenges. It keeps my brain alive!! 

Some where down the track there will be a third store where I'll sell what I make. 

Today and while searching though my personal stash 
for some fabric to take into class next week. I found a big box of trims not for sale in either store. 
Since I have more on order I devoted the day to getting them onto ebay.
They are stunning, genuine vintage and most are cotton. 

Happy Sunday!

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