Mar 6, 2012

Hey Look What I Made: Sewing: Market Bag & Pyjamas: TAFE

Our first project this year was a pencil case, well I'm not going to show that 
because I've made lots of those. 
But I'm pretty proud to say I also made a big lined market bag. 
Not 100% in love with how it turned out but you know I can live with it. 
Or maybe I'll sell it. 

The fabric is pretty great though. 

And this morning I just finished off a pair of pyjamas for BossyGirl's Birthday present. 
And I'm pretty happy with them. She loves them too. 
They are meant to be a 'matching' set, note the red dotty fabric inside the pockets 
and the matching trim. That gingham trim is just adorable.

I love sewing!

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