May 8, 2012

An open letter to every charity op shop! Stop wrecking things!!

Dear Salvos, St Vincent De Paul, Samaritans, Red Cross, Life Line and others. 

Stop wrecking stuff!!

Stop putting tags through delicate garments and making holes. 
Stop slapping sticky price stickers onto beautiful pictures: book covers, dress patterns, etc.
Stop writing in texta on beautiful items: as above. 
Stop wrapping velvet and cord fabrics up with masking tape. 
And Stop bundling toys together - kids HATE IT!!! Look after your future customers!!

I'm so sick of beautiful things being ruined and I'm sure I'm not the only one. 
Kids hate op shopping because 'there are no toys' do you think they will have a positive 
view of opshops.

What are you doing???
These goods have been donated in good faith 
that you will take care of them. 
And often you are not! 


  1. Hiya, so, it gets to you too does it? My pet peeve is staples through clothing. Hope you can suggest something constructive - maybe via an anonymous customer feedback note - perhaps just leave it at the counter?
    Good luck :-)