Jul 7, 2012

I have seen the light! New Fabric Too.

I've come to the conclusion that Ebay is still a very worthwhile selling platform 
and I see the potential for me as a fabric seller and as a designer.
I do love the way my website ticks over, selling is effortless there, 
customers there are friendly, and they 
appreciate lovely fabrics. 

But there are so many more people looking at Ebay 
it's hard to ignore it. 

So I've decided to try and integrate the two sites more, this should make it 
way easier to warehouse the fabric since I don't really need to keep them separated. It will always be 
easier for me to list on Ebay, and faster - due to Garagesale, 
so I'm accepting that too and just going for it. 

Although I find customers rarely 'cross over' I am now offering officially to combine orders from the website and Ebay. Which will make it easier and cheaper for you too. 
It's a win win all round. 

And so here are just some of the new fabrics I've put up for sale both on ebay and on the website today. 

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