Jul 12, 2012

New Fabric: Holidays: Sunshine

It's lovely having a house full of little girls. 
I enjoy sitting back and hearing them play. 
I work, cook and remember what it was like
having play dates - they were rare for me
because we lived out of town - maybe that's why
I enjoy them so much now. 

The holidays are almost over, 
I've decided I don't like this mid year break and
promised next year we will follow the sun. 

Yesterday we cruised the Hawksbury River
and the day before we toured Maitland Gaol.
Both were great and I highly
recommend them if you are looking for 
some future holiday entertainment.

But back to business.
These are the fabrics I put onto the website
or  Ebay recently.  
There are always rushes on certain designs so don't leave
it to the last minute. 

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