Sep 25, 2012

What I'm working on for TAFE

Thank goodness for school holidays so I can get this assignment completed. 
We must design a co-ordinating range (fictitious) and that range must include a dress which we then pattern-make, toile, produce and sell to a panel. 
The sales pitch must include mood and inspiration boards as well as props if any. 

The brief: 

Some of the ideas: 

The finished 2 boards, Mood board, Inspiration board, 

Mood board

Inspiration board.

And the finished 3 garment boards: 

Fabric swatches: For the (fictitious) range: 

And Title page: Give Me Sugar is the range name. 

This is where I'm up to so far. Just finished the boards and now I'm going to start to make the belt since I've never made a covered belt before I need to know that's going to work. I've already realised I've made the pattern wrong so first thing is to change that. 

I have paced myself on this work, it's ungraded, I choose a design I feel confident I can make well. In other words I'm saving myself for the final assignment 'Studio' where we work completely independently. It's the only graded part of this course. 
We have not been given the brief on that yet. 

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