Sep 11, 2012

New Vintage Fabrics & Bread making no more.

In between panic attacks ;) I managed to get some new fabric up for sale. Check both the web site and ebay to see them all. I had a great couple of days with Sally on work placement 
and I learnt lots about looking 
after your customers and much much more. There is so much I want to get on with now that I'm back but I have to cool my heels and get though this course first. 
I was able however to clean out my ebay store, sometimes 
fabrics hang around even I get sick of looking at them. 

Just one more term left! wooooo hoooo!!!
Then it's exciting times. My plans are to get fit with Michelle Bridges, 
overhaul the website - I've never been happy with how it looks, that's changing,
sew!!! sew!!! sew!!!
and hang out with my Girl Eve. 

And I know this has nothing to do with fabric but I just need to say that I've given up on the home made bread 'experiment'. I believe it has actually stolen time and not saved any 
money. I am always making bread and it's a bit of a drag. The best thing about home made bread is that first hot slice with butter and honey and my waistline is proving that I'm a sucker for it. 
So it's back to bought bread for me. 

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Facebook. Once I reach 100 likers I'm thinking about 
selling via Facebook directly so that's exciting too. 
ciao Elizabeth

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