Sep 3, 2012

Update but not of fabric and some vintage interiors.

As you may or may not know, I'm in the final throws of a Certificate IV at Tafe in 
Fashion Design. A whole world has opened up, a world I've wanted to be part of 
for a very long time. I'm flat out and apologise for not having much to say, well 
I have lots but no time to say it in. 

Running a small business, studying full time
and being (single) mother take up pretty much every second I have. 
But I keep saying 'it's only one year' and that year is almost over. I have a 
work placement to complete with Sally Smith, and three final big assignments. Then after the Christmas
holidays I'll be back to my usual stuff with lots and lots of ideas for sewing with and for 
selling vintage fabrics. 

Recently I did manage to get a bit done on the website
a bit of streamlining, it far from how I'd like it but that has to wait till next year. 
 I've removed most of the sub categories in the 
belief that you might more easily stumble on something new 
and interesting as you browse though all the fabric and I think people get bored of seeing
the same old thing.
But if I get feedback that it's not working, it's an easy change back
or I might go a completely different route. 

Thanks for reading, thank you for choosing me to purchase your
fabrics from and for helping me grow my business. I feel very grateful
to still be doing what I love and not feeling like it's work, 11 years down the track.

If you want snippets and random images of that I am up to
please check me out on Facebook (vintage fabric addict).
I try to stick to sewing and fabric but often get distracted.

Cheers Elizabeth

And now for some lovely vintage interiors.

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