Jun 2, 2013

I'm attempting to sew! 
It's slow going, especially since the website has taken off this month with more sales there than on Ebay! At last!!

Here are my sewing efforts in a sample lot of tops.
I have some elastic waisted skirts finished and am working on a straight skirt with split. Then I'll move onto a shift dress. I'm trying to have enough finished to start selling for summer 2013/14 and I'm not really sure how to go about that but what the heck, I like to throw myself in and see what happens. 

The key hole top has two style options, the tie or a button detail (not attached yet) and the sailor neckline top is for the 'young ones' as it's a midrif, or pretty much so. 

It's day at the beach or pic nic wear in my eyes so I hope you can imagine that and I'd love any comments good or bad. 

These two need buttons yet. 


  1. The tops looks just gorgeous - so pretty and great for summer and the beach!!

  2. Thanks Penny-Rose! I love mine - can't go past 100% cotton. xe