Apr 16, 2009

An Un-typical day at the Op Shops

Today with Bossygirl a bit sick, not too sick just not her usual bossy self and easy to drag about the opshops with a promise of $$ to herself, I decided to make a dash to some of my best op shops. It was a good day, found a few good things. One of the best was a lovely piece of rose fabric, just sitting there waiting for Me! Not too many toys so the girl read books and while she did that I found a brilliant copy of 'Modern Tales and Fables' a Czechoslovakian book from 1967. Lovely pictures which I had my eye on to make purses. It's a lovely book. I also scored two sweet crocheted toilet roll holders, pink and lemon yellow, a silk skirt in my size, a colorado orange vest, a very cute little bear guy - I just can't understand how someone can get rid of him - he looked like he was loved and have obviously been cuddled - very sad. Another favourite was a 'retro 1951 ' mechanical pencil rrp$51 cost me $10 but is so worth it - stationary is my thing, well another of my things. Some nice dress patterns for purses, a pile of gorgeous pink and red gear for Bossygirl all of which she said 'yes' to, surprise surprise. All terribly girly, teired velvet skirt, vintage border print skirt in amongst the dress ups and a top with applique owls. Actually it was a very good day! We were both happy, not too many HURRY UPS from her and home by 3pm.

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