May 11, 2009

Amusing 8yo on the cheap!

Ok so this was the weekend, Saturday was great!! we got into town and working from our list of things to do we: visited the piano shop - met a man there who told all about pianos and told us how to measure one, truly I almost bought one on the spot - he was very good, then we dropped into the tattoo store next door, BossyGirl just wanted to go into one, so we did. Looked at all the fairy and baby tiger tats and discussed where we would get one if we did. She decided on a baby tiger me on a little bluebird with a banner in it's beak, then we left. Down to David Jones in the mall where we had to look for sneakers for BGirl as she has her sports carnival coming up and no running, jumping shoes. The sales assistant there looked totally troubled by customers which I thought was a shame given that the DJ's girls are usually so lovely and friendly. I felt like I had spoilt her day when I asked for the size. No luck with the shoes so it was the toy department for Bossy and the kids wear for me. No purchases were made. Up the mall and a bit of a long wait for the Dionsaur puppet show from Erth. But totally worth it and it was free. Across the rail line to Harry's cafe de wheels and a hot dog each, not bad but I like butter on my dogs! Back to DJ's car park and up the street round the corner to the foreshore 'train park' were we played for a little while. BossyGirl made a friend but she was dragged off to go home soon after so we did follow-the-leader and then we were the car wash. Its' amazing the things that amuse kids really - they are not hard to please and so far this whole morning has cost $7.50 or so. Car wash - is fun with a kid running about squeeling and trying to get & not get wet at the same time. Nice clean car, waxed and with a spot free rinse we head home. Me for a nap! and BGirl who still had energy left over had an hour on the computer. It was a great day, no fights, not too much asking for stuff and we were both happy. I am so happy to be a mother today.

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