May 11, 2009

Mother's day drama

Sunday, a disaster! Mothers day and heavy rain. Made the mistake of taking BGirl to a shopping centre, to look for those shoes again, with a promise of a nice lunch. We have to go and check my parents house anyway as they are still away over seas and so we have to go that way. It was a day of constant want - can I have this, that and everything else, food, toys, lollies and more food. Then on the long drive over she got into one of those crazy bored moods and just went on and on and on. I was frustrated and annoyed by the end of it and of course we had a huge fight! I felt terrible and so did she, and I got the 'do you still love me' question that makes any mother feel like a total heel. So I am pretending that Saturday was Mothers Day and sunday did not exist! One thing I have taught my darling girl though is that we must make up and so we always do and we did, with aplogies, kisses and cuddles all round. I said to her from now on instead of saying I love you I'm going to say 'I will always love you' so she never forgets that there is nothing she can do that will stop me loving her.

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