Jun 21, 2009

Whew! All done, I'm hot!!

Well it's been a good day really, rained all day but I'm over that! Snuggled in here it was just perfect, the gas is on high so I can get the clothes dry - yep no clothes dryer. I keep putting off the purchase of a new dryer, doing it this way keeps the house warm and it's really quite quick. The downside is of course having the lounge room looking like a laundry room. But we can handle that. So while I have the 'dryer on' I'm making scrap packs, I think I got about 50 done and these are the last, a nice mix. All listed and dusted, now to dinner. Postscript: Went to bed with a splitting headache - too much gas! Think I'll be buying a dryer.

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