Jul 19, 2009

Take a Trip!

happy birthday, Crazy Eyes!Image by macwagen via Flickr

Last night I went on a heady trip!! and woke this morning feeling like I really did pop some acid. Not sure how it began or where but I do remember thinking that I'd look around for web site ideas for my own. I ended up in the Netherlands and man!!! I could not leave, it was late and getting later and still there I was in the dark wide eyed and entranced. Infact if you had seen me I'm pretty sure I would have had those cartoon eyes with whirlpools in them? anyway so here's a little bit of what I found, feast your eyes and drift into a psychedelic hazy dream. Go to the Netherlands the drugs are good!! try here, or here then go here and while you are there click on a few links and who knows where you will end up. Check this out, then this, and we'll see you when you surface in a few days!
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