Jul 15, 2009

An End and a Beginning - both Good.

I've had these photos up in my Ebay store Fabric Deli About Me page for a long time. Today Ebay changed the rules ( thanks Ebay I love it when you change the rules, NOT!) and my little store will be no more. Of course my initial thought was Panic, but having let the idea settle all day I feel I'm up for a change, it could even be for the best. Change is also afoot with my fabric storage situation, while these photos record what it's like right now, it won't be for too much longer. My room will be finished, and although I have my doubts that it will all fit it has to be an improvement. It's hard to believe I've put up with this cold, dark and cramped room for 8 years, evolving years where things just grew into the space they had. So as one door closes another opens and I can't wait, even if it is alluminium!
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