Aug 22, 2009

High expectations!

Well it's been a very quite day here, nothing but the sound of hammering. Music to my ears right now because they mean that by Monday I just might be able to start moving fabric. The shelves are almost done. And brilliant they are, Ted does a propper and thoroughly perfect job that's for sure, Thanks Ted!! He's worked so hard today, he can see how agitated I am. A good man, he is also good at other things.

I chose to have the shelves 60 cm deep just to maximize the space available for fabric, even though 60cm is not ideal in my mind. It means that fabric may have to be stacked two deep. But the strange thing is the more the shelves progress the smaller the room gets and then when I calculate the table, the desk, the sewing table, and the craft area - hmmm am I asking too much of this room?? I do expect too much of appliances that's for sure, my vacuume takes on a hell of a lot and my bar mix ...well I'm surprised it's still with me, sometimes I also expect too much of people! so there is a chance that I am expecting too much.

One thing I know for sure is I have not felt this anxious for a long long time, the move is so very close I simply can't focus on anything else. Bring it on!!! I am ready for the challenge to begin!

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